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How it Works

Welcome to Lending eBook the leading Kindle and Nook sharing site on the internet! Our philosophy is simple - to connect people with each other who have the same taste in books and allow them to lend and borrow books.



If you have purchased ebooks from Barnes and Noble or Amazon that have lending enabled you can share those books using our service.

So whether you have a Nook Color, Amazon Kindle WIFI or their Android or iOS apps you can easily lend out your purchased books. We know sometimes that it is not easy to find people to lend your books too. E-Readers are still not the most popular gadget in the world and in most cases in your social circle you might be the only person with an e-reader. Even if more of your friends have them, you might not have the same taste in books. This is where our service really shines, we allow you to connect up easily with other users who DO have the same taste in books as you do. The more you share the more you can borrow as well, as it becomes a sweet way to share your existing collection and borrow books from other people.



The more you lend, the more you can borrow! We allow all new users to borrow 1 book for free from other users!

If you want to borrow more books you have to earn credits by lending books. Every time you lend a book you earn 2 credits, to borrow a book costs 1 credit! This is a great way for everyone to share with each other. This also rewards the people who share books they have purchased already, the more you share the more you can borrow for free.

If you just want to borrow books after you used your initial 1 free credit, you can simply purchase additional credits! Each credit is $2.00 and you can read a borrowed book for up to 2 weeks before it automatically goes back to the owner. This will save you a ton of money in the long run! Remember buying books can get expensive, often ebooks are $10.00 each, why buy when you can borrow with Lending eBook


Discovering with Lending eBook

We pride ourselves in not only facilitating the lending process with ebooks but also creating a fantastic online community!

With Lending eBook we provide a large Blog that gives you the details on all of the new books coming out in any given week, so you can stay right on top of the new ones coming out soon. We also provide a great online forum community! This gives you an interactive area where you can chat with other users. You can take part in our Book Club, Discover new Authors and chat with fellow users and even the authors themselves!

We noticed the more people who buy e-readers the less time they spend at their own local bookstore, because of this you might be out of the loop on what new releases are out and looking at various new books. Our website makes this process easier then going out of your way to the local store via our news, forum and blog.



We like to reward our members, unlike some of the other sites.

We reward you for lending, reading, buying books or buying request credits. Even if you visit our website on special days you get rewarded.



Unlock special achievements for doing a myriad of things - lending books, reading books, borrowing books and visiting the site on special occasions!

These achievements will be evident on your user profile! We are always making new ones, so be the first one to unlock them all. The achievements system is designed to reward you for participating with our site! Our site is only has good as the ebooks being offered by our members, we love the fact people participate and give you more an incentive other than saying 'thanks!'


Feedback System

We reward the people who lend out lots of books and for the people who borrow them!

Once the book lending process is complete you can leave feedback for the owner and the borrower. This insures it's easy to look at the leader board and see who is the most reliable person to borrow from. You also can see many facets such as who has the most books available and even see their achievements.

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